R.I.P Jules

I came to know Jules as my landlord – I have been a tenant in his apartment in Frankfurt for the last 7-1/2 years now. He was a very warm person, very well-traveled, very well-read (he was a professor of American Literature), always sharing his experiences, and, most importantly – always smiling. During all these years, I have never seen a shadow cross his face or a frown crease his brows. We did not meet very frequently.. usually we met up for dinners, maybe a movie, every now and then. I always tell friends how lucky I am to have found this wonderful apartment in Frankfurt and even luckier to have Jules and Widu, who have always been ever so considerate towards us, since the very first day we moved in.

Jules eventually lost his battle with cancer on 13.02.2014, but he lived a good life and has finally found his peace. Kasturi found this picture on her cellphone today – from last October, 11.10.2013 to be exact, when we had taken Jules and Widu out for dinner.

With Jules at Palace of India in Frankfurt (on 11.10.2013)

With Jules at Palace of India in Frankfurt (on 11.10.2013)

Rest in peace, Jules! You are in our thoughts and prayers. The memories and the gratitude will remain with us for a long, long time.

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