There are days when all you feel inside you is a big, black void…you stifle your thoughts wanting to blunt the pain, but the idiot inside cannot stop rationalizing (when will it learn to just let go?) You want to almost physically restrain your heart from thumping away so wildly, if it were possible…whom or for what does it long for? It isn’t the kind of pain, that makes you feel alive… You just feel wasted. Despair.

You want to rip to shreds all notions of positive thought, because you know that you are just fooling yourself. All you want to do is knock yourself out. And all you manage to do is screw up a perfectly fine day…

Tomorrow is a new day and maybe some light will shine through to fill the emptiness.

Taken during a drive in the English countryside – a lone tree seems to stand right beneath a parting in the clouds (April 2018)

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