Changing Cities

I submitted my resignation at my company on Thursday (03/07) evening and will be taking up a new job in Munich. After 10 years in Frankfurt (I arrived in June 2004, when I started my first post-MBA full-time job in Germany). I will be changing cities again … Excited. Nervous.

While I am changing jobs for professional reasons (not going to talk about that here), there are personal reasons as well. One of them is that, for long I have wanted to experience Munich … the beautiful Bavarian metropolis close to the mountains that I love so much. I am looking forward to discovering the city, the surroundings over the weekends (with my camera in hand, and obviously sharing my experiences here).

Kasturi will keep working in Frankfurt and has been very supportive to let me try this out. And I am very grateful to her for that. We both agree that maybe giving each other some space might help us navigate some of the challenges our relationship has faced in the past few years. So, we’ll be seeing each other over the weekends, either in Frankfurt or Munich. Having one foot in Frankfurt, so to speak, will also help me stay in touch with close friends we have made here over the years. That’s how I managed to convince myself that this is actually is a good change to look forward to.

Emerging out of the Bamboo Garden in Kurpark, Bad Hersfeld. (June 2014)

Emerging out of the Bamboo Garden in Kurpark, Bad Hersfeld. (June 2014)

But that’s what makes me nervous. I tend to over-simplify such complex situations … I do try as much as possible to anticipate potential pitfalls and prepare for those. But, I cannot dwell on figuring out all “unforeseen” eventualities, for the fear of being overcome with this “paralysis” of action. Its like this picture above – from this enclosed bamboo garden (pure tranquility), I can see the tree and the path. I may anticipate someone passing by and will slow down to look left and right before I step out. But that is about it. Tough luck, if I am confronted with a feisty canine waiting for just the right kind of unsuspecting, bespectacled moron to jump on …

Some day I may reach that stage, where such changes might prove too much to face or to handle. But that day is not today. Staying positive (optimistic is what some would say) and with a little sense of adventure, I am going to embrace this change. More thoughts and updates will follow, I am sure, over the next days … In meantime, if you are from Munich and reading this, please drop a comment. I’d be really happy to get in touch with you.

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  1. Good luck with your relocation. I hope everything works out well for you and Kasturi. And may you never be confronted by that ‘feisty canine’! 🙂

    • Thank you for your wishes, Madhu! Its somehow very touching to read this from someone I’ve never met. And maybe that’s why your thoughts are even more so special.

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