Walking Back Home

Cities, like cats, will reveal themselves at night.

 – Rupert Brooke

Last night, I was at a Christmas party with the team at work – after excellent food (that’s another story) and more than a few beers with really great company, it was time to return home. It wasn’t really that cold – about 6°C, if the weather update on my phone’s to be trusted – and after all stuffing myself with some amazing Greek food, I thought I was ready for a bit of a walk. Given my proclivity for night time strolls through cities, it seemed rather tempting and, maybe because of all the alcohol inside me, I was feeling rather carefree… you know the “screw-the-sleep”, late night “I-got-so-much-time” kind of carefree… So, I started and, of course, the phone (with its camera) wasn’t left idle. Going by the comments, it seems I knew exactly what I was doing … but I admit that I looked up some of the things today – including which route I really took and what is it that I was taking pictures of.

Now this is not an exhibition of photography skills – the photo quality is questionable, at best, and taken with a phone with not the best camera. This is more about how coming back home can happen in a most unexpected manner…one of those stories I’d rather not lose to my bad memory…


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  1. good clicks. what with the wine and the carefree nothing’s blurred and you got home and back to work 🙂 now if only you could click a cafe at night…that i want to see please 🙂

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