Happy New Year // Welcome 2016

2015 ended about a few hours back … but I am feeling a little sleepless as we welcome 2016! Firstly, here’s wishing you all a very happy and prosperous New Year! May 2016 be as eventful, successful, and exciting as ever for you … new opportunities await us even as we step across the this somewhat artificial time-threshold. That excitement is probably what’s keeping me up right now.

Looking out at the Frankfurt skyline - the essence of a city captured in one window frame (Dec. 2015)

Looking out at the Frankfurt skyline – the essence of a city captured in one window frame (Dec. 2015)

A couple of days back I was with Sandeep doing the year-end inventory check for Kalakosh. A friend has kindly given part of his business premises to us to store our goods, which is on the top floor of an old building in the Ostend… At the end of our work, I saw the Frankfurt skyline stretched out before me through the window… I find that the most intense experiences are unplanned and take place in the unlikeliest of times or places. So was this one…  despite being in Munich for the last 15 months, Frankfurt still remains associated with home, with Tuli, with Kalakosh, with Asha, with friends that have moved on and those that have stayed on. This view infused me with new ideas for old projects, new energy to go after old dreams, new faith in the old self…

Sunlight fell upon the wall; the wall received a borrowed splendor. Why set your heart on a piece of earth, O simple one? Seek out the source which shines forever.

– Jalaluddin Muhammad Rumi.

And may 2016 be the year when we finally sing the songs yet unsung and when move forward in our quest to seek out the the ever-radiant source of our inner joy.

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