Swirling mist and clouds obscure the peaks of the Bavarian Alps … probably an appropriate setting for a difficult conversation with my mother (June 2017)

From the visit to the Eckbauer close to Garmisch … I had gone there with my Mum in June. I remember my Mum telling me that she wanted to spend more time with her ailing brother, my eldest uncle. I had visited him last year and I nodded towards my Mum…the loss is inevitable. It was a 2 minute conversation, but it cast a shadow on the rest of the day.

Yesterday, not more than 2 months since that conversation, my uncle passed away… he was a wise man, a good man. Good counsel was never far away when he was there. My mother’s pride. One of the few, for whom my father reserved his utmost respect. I have patchy memories of summer holidays with my cousins at his place. As I moved away from home, we drifted apart… till I met him last year. He was frail and bed-ridden, but, for a precious few minutes, he was his old smiling, ever optimistic self…that is how I will remember him.

Rest in peace, Mamaji!



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