Last weekend, we undertook a spontaneous trip to Maastricht. One of our friends, who is an antique coin collector, was attending an auction somewhere close to Valkenburg and we decided to visit him. (Also – it was the first weekend getaway with Hedwig, our new ride).

We randomly picked out a small town close to Maastricht called Eijsden to stay over for the night – and, as is my habit, we stepped out 10pm to wander through the streets. It was a cold, rainy night and streets of the town were quite deserted. We came across a bar that looked so warm and inviting from outside… It was after a really long time that Tuli accompanied me on a night-time stroll and that we ended up just two of us in a bar.

I decided to try out the local brew – named Pieth. As I read on the bottle (in Dutch, but, knowing German, I could roughly understand what it said), the brew was named after pithecanthropus erectus (or homo erectus as we know) discovered by Eugène Dubois, who was born and raised in Eijsden… Like – the collective IQ of this little randomly selected town suddenly tripled in my view…

That’s another thing to remember – a cold rainy night, a walk down the deserted streets with Tuli, finding a warm bar, a talk about the past and the future, feeling wistful about the things that could have been, feeling grateful for the things that are, and then to discover a story behind the local beer you’ve been sipping all the while…

That makes Eijsden special … will remain special. And doesn’t it feel good when an experimental choice about a place or a drink turns out to be so special?

A memorable evening strolling through the deserted streets of Eijsden ending in a bar and trying out the local brew with a story (Nov 2017)

As is my habit in all new towns, a night stroll with the camera is a given. We found ourselves on the central plaza in this small town with the spire of St Martin’s church jutting up in to the darkness. (Nov 2017)

Though Christmas is about 4 weeks away, the spirit of Christmas is slowly emerging… even on a rainy night, it feels a bit Christmas-sy… (Nov 2017)

A random click of this pretty decoration on the window sill – I kept thinking of how to caption this, but I’ll put down here what I feel looking at this picture – warmth, coziness, adventure…just the right things when you are walking through a deserted town at night (Nov 2017)


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