No More Skiing

I gave my first shot at skiing something like two years back. I tried it again yesterday.

We had gone to a slope near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and the training session went off pretty well … better than last time. However, I took a tumble at the training slope while getting off the “magic carpet” (a conveyor belt-like contraption) hurting myself a bit and basically ending my skiing experience.

For my part, I have tried it… twice now and it is not meant for me. What I did enjoy is the feeling on gliding so effortlessly on snow – even if it was for a short duration. I can imagine it must be really awesome to do so from higher up for a longer time. A bit like cruising in a car on a long winding mountain road (?)…

But I am probably too much of a thinker for this kind of activity… too impatient to invest the amount of time and effort to just get ready to head up to the slope… For someone who likes to travel light, it is also a bit contrary to my nature to lug around all that gear and that works me up.  And yes, the crowd on the slopes – mountains are for me more of a retreat from the crowds. I guess it is very different when you grow up with that and have wonderful family memories associated with this kind of an event.

I say you should always try everything once before you make up your mind on something. I have tried skiing twice. Never say never, but I hope that qualifies me to decide that there won’t be any more skiing for me.

Before heading down the slope again, I took a last look … raise your eyes above to the horizon, above the throng of skiers and visitors, and you’ll feel the silent silvery peaks beckoning you to step away from the craziness … I reached the conclusion that there are other ways for me to experience these beautiful mountains.

The view of the German Alps from the Hausberg near Garmisch (Mar 2019)


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  1. I also gave it up after my return from Germany. I get more afraid as I get older, and also, like you don’t want to carry all the gear. Now I prefer to just walk up there, with or without the snow shoes. Maybe you can try that.

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