On The Road to Farra di Soligo

I travelled to Farra di Soligo, a small village close to Treviso for a friend’s wedding. While I could have taken a flight, some background research on the place tempted me take Jumbo along – Jumbo being my grey hatchback. As it turned out, it was a lucky decision. Though just a weekend, it was a one amazing experience – starting with this ~800 km drive across southern Germany, western Austria, and northern Italy. My friend’s hospitality, connecting with other old friends after a long long time, and the festive occasion made it an unforgettable trip.

Taken from a moving car and, to a degree, qualitatively questionable, these pictures serve me as quite decent memories of this fantastic road. And I hope they give you an idea of the sense of wonder I felt as I drove through this rugged landscape. I have made up my mind to go there again, with more time to hike and explore the Dolomites in particular.

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    • Thank you, Janice! The photos unfortunately show only a fraction of the beauty and the inner joy I experienced while driving through that scenic region.

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