Slowing Down…

Walking through a deserted souk in Kairouan as most shopkeepers are at the mosque offering prayers. (Aug 2017)

I read somewhere that patience is the cardinal virtue in the Orient. The concept of time is very fluid… People acknowledge that some things are meant to take time and should not be rushed through. Like the market in Kairouan just shut down for the afternoon prayers. People don’t just pray; it’s also time for social interaction…and that takes time. Good luck to you, if you decide to drop by for shopping right then…

Honestly, initially it felt frustrating, but then you get it…it feels right. Just like “slow food” is good for you, the slowing of time feels good. For a change, you are doing nothing but enjoying the hospitality of a smiling shopkeeper, sipping on a hot mint tea and telling him all about “Hind” that lies so far away……..

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