Great Mosque of Sousse

The Great Mosque of Sousse – built in the 9th century, the crenellated walls and two watchtowers facing the sea, and the austerity of its architecture/interiors make it feel more like a small fortress than a mosque. Add to it that it has no minaret and that the mosque is located on the (northern) edge rather than in the center as is usual, it is a very unusual mosque.

The Great Mosque of Sousse as viewed from the tower of the nearby Ribat (Aug 2017)

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  1. It does sound like an unusual mosque indeed. But it certainly has stunning architecture and looks so grand. Love your first photo and how it overlooks the sea too – wonderfully captured. It must have its significance being built so close to the water.

    • Thank you for your comments, Mabel! When you look closer at the details of the structures in this area, the architecture represents such a fusion of Roman, Byzantine, and Islamic cultures.

    • Thank you, Madhu – it was my first time there and there is so much to see for a history buff. Travelling around is a bit of an adventure, but the generous hospitality of the people and their willingness to go out of their way to help out makes it fun and easy.

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