Its been about a month now – not sure if life has changed or the way I look at it or what I want out of it has changed. It was during a weekend getaway to Innsbruck that I experienced this beautiful sunrise and, in those few moments of utter stillness, something inside me changed.

The world inside us and around us is full of illusions and I am aware that I may be going through one. It scares me a bit. But, that morning, in presence of something so divine, I felt I had been summoned – I was meant to be there, to listen, and to experience this message of renewal, of new beginnings.

As the city still sleeps, the snowy peaks around Innsbruck are covered with the gentle copper-gold light of the rising sun. (Mar 2018)

With such beauty before your eyes, the voice inside is silenced, the thoughts are stilled, and you believe you are in presence of an unknown divinity. (Mar 2018)


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  1. Beautiful.. Serene… it’s always good to go in such an environment to make peace with the.hidden disturbances and stresses… get rejuvenated.. get more matured..

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