Praying for…

… what? I do not know… I don’t think I pray for a particular end result, but just that I am guided towards doing the right thing. As a default, I assume that whatever is happening, good or bad, joyful or painful, big or small, is the right thing… I believe I will come out a better person at the end of this path.

And sometimes, like yesterday evening, I wonder…… I had to consciously remind myself to disassociate myself from projecting an end result and just walk the path for wherever it may lead. Even gods are not free from their illusions…and I am only human. And even when things seem dark, the only light that can guide you through that darkness is that of your own pain… Your own pain, if you understand and acknowledge it, will make you more compassionate towards others, will make you more fearless of the dark, will make you a better person, a wiser person.

Pray for that little light in the darkness. For as Rumi says – suffering is a gift; in it is hidden mercy.

Random walk through the Bavarian countryside on a day when my thoughts were darker than the world around me. (Apr 2018)

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  1. i am also a believer that things will work out for the best if we let it. Sometimes it is hard to see that, but often looking back, it appears to be so. We should look for the good in every situation perhaps, and so it therefore works out.

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