I visited Kinderdijk with friends – my first road-trip in Europe – in Dec 2006. Basically a long time back and also probably not during the best time of the year to really appreciate this place. As my mum came over this summer and we decided to visit the Netherlands, I felt quite compelled to put Kinderdijk on the itinerary – actually it was the first place on the itinerary.

As I collect memories of the time spent with my mum on travels, I feel there are places that will need no recollection given their beauty or given my companion on my travels. Kinderdijk is exceedingly beautiful – heightened more so by the light touch of melancholy I felt in the falling rain as the crowds dispersed and we were left alone staring at the sails which kept turning in the evening light as if setting an example to Time itself to not stop, whatever anyone felt or however much people prayed for it.

A UNESCO World Heritage site – Kinderdijk has a collection of about 19 windmills. (June 2018)

Reaching there late in the evening, the long summer day afforded us to view them in decent light, but we were too late to actually view them from inside. (June 2018)

You see the windmills dotting the horizon and it makes for a very pretty sight irrespective of the weather – it was raining when we were there. (June 2018)

We did not linger too long in the rain. As I turn back, the turning sails of this windmill reminds me, for reasons best known to me, of the wheel of time. (June 2018)

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