After the events in Leiden, Mum was not in a good mood… I thought we’d drive up to Delft and have dinner…maybe that would cheer her up. Arriving in Delft, she promptly headed for the nearby shop selling Delft blue artefacts on the main square, while I wandered around taking pictures. The only structure that really stood out for me is the Renaissance style city hall and that’s all I am putting up here. After a while when she was done, we had a quiet dinner and it was time to drive back to the hotel.

I think I overdid the walking around bit with her and she was tired… given her regular visits to Europe and the amount we used to walk around, it is noticeable how less and less it has become in the last couple of years. I see it, I understand it, and yet there seems so much to show her…. Every now and then one has an experience where the truth hits home in all its force… you wake up and you see the world differently. This was probably that day when I realized how old my Mum is really.


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