I had originally intended to take my Mum to Prague on her last weekend with me in August thinking that she would be flying out on Monday. But she was actually flying out on Sunday – with a shorter weekend, it just seemed easier to do something nearby.

So we decided to drive down to Koenigssee. We started with taking the cable car up the Jenner. The cable was under maintenance, so we could not go up all the way, but, even midway, one gets some amazing views of the Berchtesgaden Alps, especially of the Watzmann (3rd highest peak within Germany).

A part of me is trying hard to make up for not having spent enough time with my Dad before his mobility was drastically reduced by his illness. And my Mum never complains where I take her. She has, over the years, transformed from being very fussy on the road to being so adaptable and accommodating. At her age, I find that very admirable. Though she did mention gently a couple of times that she would like to see something more than just mountains and lakes… 🙂 I think I will change that for her next trip…

From a distance, it looks like the mountain is spewing out smoke… a volcano about to erupt. Luckily not. (Aug 2018)

A cow warily watching me as I hover around taking pictures… at one point she got up and I decided to beat a hasty retreat. Never mess with a cow! (Aug 2018)

The Watzmann lords over the small town of Berchtesgaden und its surroundings. It is the third highest peak within Germany and it is a sight to behold on clear summer days. (Aug 2018)


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