At the Hellabrunn Zoo

A couple of weekends back, I visited the Hellabrunn zoo in Munich… it was my first time in something like 4 years. Taking pictures of animals at the zoo is somewhat of a grey area for me as far as ethics is concerned. 

This chimpanzee was the most chilled out of all the denizens of this zoo. I mean, he’s probably just waiting for someone to get the beer, now that the day and all that hard work of posturing for the visitors is done. (Oct 2018)

I mean, having visitors gawking at them, especially and smartphone-snapping and camera-clicking ones like myself, day in and out is probably a nuisance for the resident animals, who, at best, just want to be left alone (unless you are one of those exhibitionist personality types or whatever that is in the animal world). Having said that it is these very people funding the zoo and indirectly supporting the zoo’s conservation efforts. Also, I suppose visiting all exotic creatures in one place results in a smaller carbon footprint than having to travel around the world seeing each creature in its separate, albeit wild, habitat.

As you may have noticed, we stand 2:1 (as far as arguments go) in favor of clicking pictures at the zoo. And that is exactly how I convinced myself that carrying my camera to the zoo isn’t going to get me bad karma … at least not dangerously bad karma.  With this intro – I’ll let you enjoy the pictures… 

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