Street Art in Shoreditch

Due to my work-related visits to London, I come across some really good street art in Shoreditch… A few pictures from my visits over the last months. My favorite is the “Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other” mural with the two metro carriages above it…here is some background on it

“Let’s Adore and Endure Each Other” – a short eloquent, almost poetic, message. Hard to miss and easy to like. (Oct 2018)
I didn’t quite understand this… why would you mind the gap between kings and toys? Or did someone mean kings and boys? I await to be enlightened. (Oct 2018)
Music will set you free – I saw this in summer of 2018 opposite the Citizen M hotel in Holywell Lane. (May 2018)
I took this picture simply because I was intrigued by the expression on that face. (Oct 2018)
For how many people would it be easy to do one thing and simultaneously imagine that you are doing something else? Like imagining that you are flying while you swim in the pool reflecting the blue sky above? (Oct 2018)

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